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July 07 2013

Much Ado close to reaching $3 million. Joss Whedon's take on Shakespeare earned about $472 thousand this weekend, according to Box Office Mojo, keeping it in the top 20 overall. In its fifth week of release, it's earned $2,997,000 in the US, and more than $335,000 in the UK.

Its domestic per-screen average of $2776 is a dip of 17% but still higher than most indie movies in release. It's still at 170 screens in the US.

Yay! The per screen average was actually higher this week than last. Unfortunately the theater count dropped a bit, which I hope does not become a trend. Either way, "Much Ado" will have some sexy legs and hit the $5M mark easily. =)
That's a really good hold. It should hit $5 million and hopefully a good bit more.
At this rate, only 3,172 weeks to overtake "Avengers", Woo Hoo!
Yeah, I'm glad I saw it at my local indy theater - it only played for a week. Sent a bunch of people there to see it, and it was already gone... (sad face)
For an arbitrary apples-to-oranges comparison, Kenneth Branagh's Henry V (1989) brought in a domestic gross of $10,161,099 on a budget of $9 million.
According to Indiewire, Much Ado made $847,860 this weekend for an average of $4,987 and a total of $3,373,149.

However as it seems unlikely that the box office would go up week on week I'm taking those figures with a pinch of salt.

Although it is strange that all the other films seem to have the same weekend totals as at Box Office Mojo.

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Box Office Mojo originally reported that figure as well, then amended it. Unfortunately, I think $472K is more likely.
I did think that the Box Office Mojo figures were more likely.
Yeah, 4-5 million would be a big win for a micro-budget Shakespeare adaptation. Bling Ring is at 5 million and was in wider release with a big name star/director combo and a much higher profile.

Outside of Mud, Bling Ring, and Before Midnight, Much Ado looks like the 4th biggest indie of the summer so far, out grossing The East, Kings of Summer, and Frances Ha. And only Mud at $20 million seems definitely out of reach, as Bling Ring and Before Midnight are wrapping up their runs with between 5 and 8 million.
Does this mean it'll open in more theaters? Or is it going away now?

I get that it's "indie" but how good does a movie have to do before it gets a wider release?

Has there been any mention of when it gets released to DVD?
An indie going wider tends to have a lot to do with the house releasing it... Roadside Attractions has had a pretty good year, seeing as how it's partially responsible for Mud (though I imagine Lionsgate did most of the heavy lifting there). Roadside is really only dealing with Much Ado right now theatrically since Sarah Polley's doc finished its run last week.

I live near Wichita... typically we get films once they hit the 500 screen mark or so and sadly Much Ado hasn't played within 3 hours of here. I think a wider release could pull a few more million and I'm a little surprised it hasn't expanded past what it has. Screens are at a premium during the summer though and I'm guessing that has a lot to do with it. Its only in its 5th week though, so I'm hoping patience wins the day.

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Much Ado may hold at 170, but it may have to make way to "The Way, Way Back", a quirky summer teen movie from the guys who wrote "The Descendants", and "Fruitvale Station", which depicts the fatal BART shooting from a few years back and also won at Sundance. You can expect a dip through the end of the month, but what Much Ado did is still impressive.
It won't get to $5m in the theater. It'll be gone completely in another 2-3 weeks. Will be interesting to see when they time the home video release and if it gets a premium cable sale.
The drive is too far for me to see it in theater, but I plan to have a copy of it as soon as it is available on disc.
I'm going home from Korea for summer vacation in a couple days. There are 2 theaters within an hour drive from where I'll be. Triple-crossing my fingers it will still be playing be the time I get a chance to get out there.
I hope they don't sell it to IFC. I don't get that channel in my package anymore.

Did we ever hear about what Much Ado made in foreign markets? Its not on the BOM page.

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I bet it'll be on Netflix.
I'm in Melbourne Australia and went to a preview screening last week. It opens here in 3 days in a just recently expanded number of theatres. We'll see what the takings look like next week...
If Lionsgate is doing its job, it should get a premium cable window, a basic cable window, along with cable VOD and Amazon prime &/or Netflix. Also Home video and iTunes. All should be exploited and will net far far more that the cinema box office which is really just glorified marketing for the secondary revenue streams. Of course the box is the only public info so we cling to it like it means something. It really doesn't when looking at the bottom line. Unless it's Avengers. :) and I still bet that huge box office is positively dwarfed by the other revenue streams.
So, what's the profit margin at this point? :-)
No way to know without knowing the deal terms of the Lionsgate distribution deal. And that will never be public information. I'm guessing if rumors of production cost are true that everyone involved is very pleased but no one is buying an island.
According to joss in Glasgow, whatever you think the production budget is, it's probably lower.

PS: the number of theatres is starting to ramp down - it was down 47 this week according to Box Office Mojo - so if you plan to see it at a theatre, now would be the time.

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Joss's island would be the best island in the world, let's be real.

I want this to be a financial success -- and yay! it looks like for an indie no-budget movie, it's doing quite well! -- but even more than that, I would love it if if raised the profiles of the actors in it, particularly Amy Acker. Last year, I was hoping with all my heart that The Avengers would break the bank (i.e. cross $1 billion) not because I want Marvel & Disney to have all the monies, but 'cos I knew that it would do amazing things for Joss Whedon's career to have a ginormously successful blockbuster on his resume.

It would be amazing if this movie did quietly amazing things for Amy Acker's career.
gossi Believe me, if it was playing closer than four hours (one-way) away from me I'd go see it. Twice.

There's just no way I can afford it. I'll have to wait for DVD and hope I have a job (and a new DVD player) by then.
ShadowQuest, it sucks to be areas which haven't been covered. But on the plus side, it will be out on DVD etc in October.
That's Joss' future alright: A working man, struggling to get by with the barest necessities on his private floating island...
It's down the bigger cinema in Toronto (the Varsity) but up at The Carleton and Canada Square (smaller cinemas and conducive to art films.) They're still pretty much first run - it's not moved to revue cinemas yet.
London Daily Telegraph loves "Much Ado" and Whedon's approach.
It's accessible to me - I'd have to pay for a cab home, but I said I'd be willing to go to some trouble for this.

Of course, when I wnet to see both _King Kong_ and _War of the Worlds_ first run I barely followed the first and the second I missed so much dialogue I couldn't even do that, and my hearing has presumably worsened since then. I wonder if it's worth it?
For those in the UK, does anyone know if Vue ever showed Much Ado?

I noticed a while ago that there was about 8-10 Vues that would be screening the film, including, much to my shock, my local in my moderately sized town of Camberley. However, I don't believe it actually showed there on the announced date of the 2nd July or since (I've been out of the country for the last couple of weeks, but have been checking their listings online.) Checking the list on the Much Ado website now, it looks like there aren't any Vue cinemas listed anymore, except in Oxford. Did all the others ditch it?

Fortunately, I didn't take the risk in waiting and saw it in London a couple of weekends ago. Such a wonderful film. It is a shame that more people can't get to see it.

@dottkin - So true about Amy Acker. She deserves an Oscar nod for her performance. She won't get one, but it would be fantastic if she did.
Come on! When will it come out in Portugal?!?
I smell sequel!
Vandelay, there were several Vue cinemas in and around London that showed it in the first week or two. It looks like some of the earlier cinemas that are no longer screening it have been removed from the list.

I just saw it for the second time. I can't remember the last film I watched that was so consistently blissful from scene to scene. I'm so glad it's doing well.
Glad we're finally in July. Most of Latin America roll-out happens this month, well at least the ones I've been able to figure out.
I smell sequel!

Much Ado About One Thing?
Much Ado About One Thing?: "Nothing is back, and this time it's really something!"
Vandelay, I wanted to see it at Vue in Camberley myself (or Reading for that matter), as I prefer it there but ended up watching it at the Showcase in Reading.
I'll be seeing it - at last! - on Friday. It's a two-hour trip into Melbourne but I know it'll be worth it. Hopefully it'll be in the cinema long enough for me to see it a few more times too. Joss has a lot of fans down under, so as journeyclaire said, we'll see what the takings are next week!
Much Ado 2: Electric Boogaloo. Can't miss.
I'm happy to see that turning show business into show friends keeps working out creatively AND financially. Seems like the film has been a very nice first project success for Bellwether too.
Thank you, MrArg, for the much needed Electric Boogaloo reference.
Much Ado 2 has to feature Scooby Doo. Then Joss can afford his private island.
Much Ado 2 has to feature Scooby Doo. Then Joss can afford his private island

Don Pedro: "And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids and your stupid Dog...berry."
"Some More Ado About Nothing"?
In Australia, there will be screenings from 11 July through to November (where it will be in the Perth Festival). Locations include major cities and regional centres. The full list is on the Sharmill Films website. One thing that's really awesome is that Sharmill Films (the distributor for Australia/New Zealand) is seeking feedback on where else it can be screened, to try to get it as widely available as possible. So if your town's not on the list, get in touch with Sharmill and suggest a location! :)
Portland's sole theater playing it just extended it an additional week after originally announcing it would be done this Thursday.
LOL at Yoink, love the quote from the future!

Our local indy theater here in Winston Salem NC had it three weeks and I finally got to go! Decent attendence tho not full, loved it (as expected). I thought Alexis was fantastic with the way his body movements and expressions helped move along the story for folks like my daughter in law who had trouble following shakespearean dialogue. And Nathan apparently can play any role and seem perfectly at home in it.

And as a side note, I finally got to like a character played by Reed Diamond! That was nice after actively disliking his character (changing to not trusting him) in Dollhouse.

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