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July 08 2013

Amy Acker will appear in Season 3 of "Person of Interest". To the surprise of no one, she will reprise her role as the Machine-worshipping hacker genius, Root. Bring on the crazy!

It would be awesome if they made her main cast but they did add Shaw as main cast for next season so I guess I won't be greedy since they're both amazing in it.
@aroomacanvas her not being a regular leaves more opportunity to have her guest star on SHIELD :D
I've said as much here before, but I still can't get over how awseome her character work has been on PoI. She makes for the freakiest creepy, stalkery computer hacker (not exactly known for being a female character archetype) ever.
I'm a real fan of POI, I'm intrigued to see where this goes. I love shows with story lines that encourage re-watching, and this fits the bill nicely. (If only the next dvd season would hurry up, but it won't appear til September, sigh.)

Root really is creepy, in all the most entertaining ways.
POI has done well with recurring characters all along, none better than Root.
I tried POI, watched the pilot and wasn't grabbed, am I missing out? Generally speaking CBS procedurals haven't really grabbed me, although I know this one's got some major differences.
I would have been like you MrArg, if I had caught the first few episodes, but I didn't start watching until about six episodes in. There are episodes that are pretty much standard procedural (like the first few), and others that are extraordinary. The episode that introduced the Sarah Shahi character this past season was one of the best episodes of television this year, network or cable. POI swings from the great to the ordinary. Definitely worth watching though.
MrArg, I think POI has gotten better as it goes along, but I didn't think it was bad to begin with. Sure, in some ways it's a Batman-type situation, with plenty of stunts and fights, but it's got more going on than that. Procedural? Yes, and I think some of the police conspiracy stuff is my least favorite bit of the show, but character development is a big part of why I've stuck with it. If it were just a case-of-the-week show, I think I wouldn't have bothered buying the dvd of the first season to re-watch. (I do admit I didn't consider getting the dvds of the first season til the second season showed me that they're building a story over time, with intriguing characters like Root to keep us guessing.)

Edited to add: The show has wit. Without humor to lighten things up, I'm not sure I'd like it as well as I do, but as things are, I think it's great. Frequently hilarious, IMO.

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Glad to hear that--we are looking to fill the summer evenings before Joss and Co. return to the small screen so this is a definite candidate, thanks.

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