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July 10 2013

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 9 #23. It's the third part of The Core arc.

I LOVED it! We're finally seeing all the pieces coming together. I wish that had started happening sooner, because it seems a bit overcrowded, but overall I'm finally enjoying Buffy as much as Angel & Faith.

Also, Simone is effed up y'all.
I like it, but somehow it made me sad that Buffy's sister became the former Tucker's brother joke
I think they're doing a really great job upping the tension of losing Dawn. Buffy is genuinely scared that she doesn't remember her name. It'll be interesting to see how they handle it going forward because soon, she won't even know about Dawn at all and I'm not sure how they'll sell the emotion of that loss if no one remembers her.
I have my copy of Buffy # 23,"The Core Part III of V."

I'm sort of in a rush right now but I did want to say that this issue was better than I thought it would be.I have to admit that after reading a summary that I thought this issue sounded dull but it read better.That might be due to the character stuff in this issue over the plot which is fair but not as exciting as past finales IMO.The thing holding it together for me is Dawn's plight and what will happen to Xander.

Right this second I see two ends to the season.One is the one that others are now speculating on.That Xander is going to become a vampire possibly like Simone has become.A zompire that seems to retain some of it's human elemntsThe other possablity is maybe Buffy becoming a zompire like Simone.Right this second I lean towards the former.It would give Xander a big storyline next season and could be a reason NB is involved in season 10.

I'm still not clear on why Simone even really needed Severin.They're both still weak big bads IMO although now we have The First Vampire element too.

It does seem like Willow could become the new seed although how that jibes with the Willow we saw in Fray's time,I don't know.

Spike calling Xander over Buffy makes sense to me.Buffy is Dawn's sister but Xander really is Dawn's tether and vice versa emotionally.That whole sequence was well done I thought.

So better issue than I thought it would be but I have to admit I'm more invested in what's going on over in Angel & Faith.
Finally! This issue, in hindsight, might redeem some of the weaker arcs this season. Overall it's been kind of uneven, but they are using so many elements from previous issues, it feels almost like season 5. Will it have such a game-changing-OMG-WTF ending? Fingers crossed!
Good; the whole Dawn section. Actually painfully hard to read, a rare thing in S9. Buffy/Willow. The mythology addition of Maloker (note; not the `first vampire` Buffyfanatic, but the demon who started the line) - are they hinting more and more toward the `first vampire` making an appearance considering we also had that picture recently shown of him? Would be a good S10 idea...
Less good; the design of Maloker felt a bit weak, it wasn't always clear just what was going on or who was speaking, and the `shock` attempt at reveals of the slayer vamps and Simone which everyone in the known Universe guessed at months back fell utterly flat making it a bit of a damp squib ending after the early goodness.
Best issue since the now tarnished and largely pointless `empathetic talking beachball` one, probably.

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aww. yay for the beach ball.
Apollo, i am curious as to a few things you are referencing. 1) the picture recently shown of the first vampire. I'm assuming you're not talking about Maloker, so what are you referring to? Also the "empathetic talking beachball" reference is lost on me. I'm probably just forgetting something? Please can you clue me in? Thanks!
Best issue of the series so far, still some strange dialogue in places or it was just the artwork not matching up. Still a vast improvement of a pretty messy series, finally getting some worthwile moments.
When Spike and Buffy are talking about Buffy's robot baby, there is a misplaced dialogue bubble so it appears to be a very helpful, sincere, and empathetic beach ball offering her comfort in her time of need. It's pretty wonderful.
Ooooh. Gotcha. I remember that. I felt SOOO lost. Thanks!
To anyone not familiar with the beachball joke, this was the origin point;
(For some reason it's still hilarious to me.)

Xander; The `first vampire` comment refers to part of Willow's telling of the story from the Vampyr book in #21 - with the comment "The last Old One to be banished to the Deeper Well sired the first vampire" there is an image of a shadowed demons head (presumably Maloker going by appearance) with a wide-eyed bearded caveman-type person shown who in that context is pretty well implied by that to be "the" first actual person to be turned. The first vampire.

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I always get my copies late, but I wonder why this isn't on the front.
I usually do it but I'm on holiday. But it's up now.

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