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July 10 2013

Browncoats of Poland say they're ready for a visit from Mal. Last year, Nathan Fillion apparently said he'd like to visit Poland. That country's Browncoats have made a video to show them how prepared they are for such a thing.

HA! That video made my day! Best of luck to those Polish Browncoats. I hope they get their wish!
That was so well done! Best thing I've seen in weeks, seriously. I want the captain to go there so badly! You guys deserve it.
That was really good. I hope Nathan does them the honor of a visit.
Wow, amazing! And Poland is close enough to where I am, so if Nate does come (and he just can't say no now) I can possibly see him too.
Best thing I've seen in years!! Thank you Polish Browncoats; and may your every wish come true.
Truly shiny! Had to look twice at the roadside "recreation" of Serenity with its welders in Jayne's hats. Looked real. Very well done.

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