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July 10 2013

Why Buffy made your adolesence seem just plain. Destiny never came calling for you when you were in high school, right? :-)

Considering that I was 41 when the show started and my daughter was 9 when she quit watching (just before "The Yoko Factor,"I think,) I don't think my family was much affected.
I didn't find the show till my 40s, so it didn't affect my adolescence. It certainly did brighten, and continues to brighten, my adult life.
A nice list. All these things were so true. I remember waiting to be Buffy's age because that was when exciting things were supposed to start happening, right? My teenage years were way more boring than I'd been led to expect. And now I've only got one more year of being the same age as the characters (during Season 7), so that will be strange.

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If I'd found the show during my adolescence, I probably would have gotten over the crippling self-doubt a little faster. Ah well. Can't change the past, even with the power of the Wish...
It's made my whole life seem plain.. I'm still waiting someone come up to me and say "You are the chosen one", okay I'm a guy.. And in my 20s and then there's the whole fiction thing so I've accepted that it'll never happen.

And if there's ever a time I reeeaally wish I'd live in the Buffyverse I just watch seeing red, A hole in the world, season 4 of Angel or season 6 of Buffy and be like.. Njaah.. This is cool where I'm right now.
I was always mystified that they hung out at a club that served alcohol.

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