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July 10 2013

Summer Glau joins the cast of Arrow. TV Line is reporting that she will be a reoccurring character for season 2.

Her character is a adversary from the comics.

Guess I'll be watching Arrow now. I will watch anything with Summer Glau and I've heard some positive things about Arrow.

I was hoping she would get involved with S.H.I.E.L.D. but this will conflict with that now and not just because it's DC.
So... she didn't join the cast. She is just recurring. Right?
First of all - DC FTW!!!

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I'll guess I'll have to start checking this show out too. I've also been hearing... intriguing things about it.
Nice. So she'll be like Kelly Hu, whose character is still in play, as another recurring antagonistic character.
I adore this show and couldn't be happier with this development. So happy to see actors I like on shows I like instead of that other thing. Nothing (even my Jewel Staite love) can get me to watch The Killing.
Why is Summer always in the bad comic book shows? I found that pilot so off-putting and horrible that I don't even feel like checking the show out for Summer which usually wouldn't even be up for debate!

@IrrationaliTV weirdly, I feel the exact opposite it seems. To me, having Jewel guesting on The Killing was a nice bonus for a show I already really really like!
Why is Summer always in the bad comic book shows?

As opposed to all of those... not bad(?) comic related tv shows around right now that I keep not hearing about?

Not that I'm saying that all comic based tv shows are automatically bad. Just that the sample size is very small.
I don't think Arrow is bad. It's not great, but it's good enough.
Arrow is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, and having Summer around will make it even better. I just wish the scripts weren't so dumbed down, but that's true of pretty much every network show I watch.
D-e-f-, I would never let you touch the remote in my house. :)
Definitely excited about this- one thing Arrow is doing right is getting all these great guest stars from other genre shows. I really will have to pay attention to Arrow and get caught up on S1. My dad watched all of the first season and I caught a few eps but now I need to make sure I'm fully in the know ;P
It's too bad Arrow is an awful show. Hopefully in season 2 they can turn it around.
I thought Arrow picked up quite a bit as the season progressed. Pretty intrigued to see where it goes next.
I liked the show at the beginning and actually loved it at the end. Great stories, flashbacks, characters, dialogues... and great hot actors. I'm totally ok with that. The fights felt a bit off sometimes, but the same thing goes for Buffy, Angel and Dollhouse.
I'm glad I've been watching this show anyway. Now I have even more reason to keep up with it. I think it's a pretty decent show. The only complaint I'd have is that they may do a few TOO many island flashbacks. The rest of it is pretty intriguing.
Find the show pretty meh, but I'm glad she has work.
Love Arrow. It's up there for me with Nikita. Took a few episodes, but the ending episodes of season one were fantastic fun.
The only complaint I'd have is that they may do a few TOO many island flashbacks.

This is part of the plan. Arrow is plotted to run for a 5-year arc, with each episode flashing back to the island. Oliver was on the island for 5 years. Get it? The flashbacks run linearly and will tell the story of Oliver's "hero's journey" on the island from beginning to end. The final scene of Arrow will be Oliver signaling the rescue ship, which was how the series began.
Dean - Thanks for the info. I didn't know that, so it makes more sense now. I hope they get the five years to tell the whole story. I seem to remember that Farscape had a five-year plan as well...
It started off really bad but did improve as it went a long, I agree the island flash backs are the worst part so it's disappointing to hear they plan to keep them going for the whole run. One other problem is the lead actor is extremely wooden, I don't know if that's how he was asked to play the part but it doesn't work for me.
Arrow is nowhere even close to the quality of Nikita, but it's already better than Smallville ever was. I enjoy the show...and I keep hoping against hope we'll see Batman at some point, something Smallville wasn't allowed to do until after the show went off the air and continued on in comic book form.

I feel like Summer would have made a better huntress than the actress they used, who I really didn't like in the role. I look forward to Summer next season. Arrow's season finale was really good, so I am interested in seeing what they do next season

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