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July 10 2013

Happy Birthday, Ron Glass! Our favorite shepherd turns 68 today.

Happy Birthday Ron!
Happy Birthday.

I actually remember him from Barney Miller. And he didn't have a lot in the way of high profile stuff after that until Firefly. Not that I saw, at any rate.
I, too, have been a fan since he was the droll detective on Barney Miller. Happy Birthday, Ron Glass!
He is, to the day, 24 years younger than Jake LaMotta, 1 year older than Sue (Lolita, Night of the Iguana) Lyon, and 35 years older than Jessica Simpson.
Apologies for getting here so late. Years ago my daughter approached me about watching a "Space Western." "Bibbledysqump," said I. "Why watch such an absurdity and who's in it, anyway?" Slyly the girl-child mentioned the name of Mr. Glass, from "Barney Miller," an ancient show fow which I shouldn't have been letting her stay up at her (at the time) youthful age.

The family sat ourselves down to an episode of "Firefly" and were promptly hooked.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Glass! Thank you for all the shiny. May you always have enough hair.

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