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July 11 2013

Alyson Hannigan and Daniel Dae Kim featured on the series premiere of NBC's new game show, Hollywood Game Night. They appeared on tonight's episode alongside Kristen Bell, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Martin Short, and host Jane Lynch.

"Wanted to be Vice President. Really dumb." Best part of the show!
Agreed! Very fun line up of celebs- I can see why they were chosen for the premiere.
I tried to give it a chance, couldn't get past the terrible banter at the beginning.
The One True b!X That's better than I did - I couldn't even stomach the commercials.

I'm sure Alyson was adorable as usual, with probably a cute consternation face or two.
There was a lot of skepticism when this was first announced that it was going to be a worse-parts version of Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day's TableTop from Geek and Sundry. Despite some seeming overlap in early descriptions, some of the recaps I'm reading seem to debunk that pretty readily. Rest easy, geeks!

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is it just me or is alyson and alexis are super busy of late?
Wish I'd known about this at any time before 5PM yesterday, any time at all. I think I get reasonable recpetion on the local NBC channel so I could've at least tried it.
Been a bit out of the loop as of late, does Aly have something lined up after, "HIMYM"? I honestly do not know.
Madhatter- I have this fantasy of her doing a short-run on basic or premium cable playing a doctor with a Southern accent but I'm basing that only on a throwaway line in a HIMYM ep.

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