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July 13 2013

(SPOILER) Felicia Day guests on Kevin Smith's "Smodcast"! Kevin talks to Felicia about homeschooling, conquering the internet and her role in the new film, "Rock Jocks". Contains adult language.

Gosh, I haven't even conquered the 'net yet though I still have plans upon plans get the drift. Absolutely adore Felicia Day, what a charm!
I'm kind of impressed at Kevin Smith for being a good interviewer, he had interesting questions and really brought out some news sides to Felicia. I'll have to check out more of his interviews. Of course I think Felicia is great.
I know that Kevin Smith can be somewhat of an acquired taste, but imo he is - hands down - one of the best interviewers alive right now. I'm particularly fond of his Fatman on Batman series, and his interview with Kevin Conroy just might be the most moving thing I've ever heard.

And speaking as a fellow raised-entirely-by-highly-educated-political-activist-hippies (ie. home-schooled before it was cool)/professionally trained classical musician/science major/former ballet dancer/former fencer/proud standardized-test alien - it's always nice to hear another member of the club go public.

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