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"'How have you been?' 'Rat. You?' 'Dead.' 'Oh.'"
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July 14 2013

It's Jane Espenson's birthday! She's 49 today.

Happy birthday, Jane! Thank you for bringing us so much joy (and delicious suffering)!
My dream is to have a conversation full of witty wordplay with this woman. Happy birthday!
I am right there with you, sumogrip. She's exactly what I aspire to be in life. To another year!
And when Joss and Jane tweet each other, I swoon. Happy Birthday to a wonderful writer and a great lady!
Happy Birthday Jane!
Right along with everyone else: Happy Birthday and thanks for all the joy.
Happy birthday, you magnificent woman.

Hopefully Joss gives you a writing gig on SHIELD as a birthday present... ;-)
I second these emotions.
Happy Happy Birthday to you, Jane and thanks for the gifts you've given us!

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