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July 14 2013

Much Ado makes $263,700 in its fourth weekend of wide release in the US. That gives it a per screen average of $1,918, a total of $3,411,901 and a week to week drop of 38%.

I saw it yesterday in Queens, it wasn't a crowded theater (only about a dozen of us) but everyone seemed to enjoy it a lot! I cannot wait to own it on DVD.
Came and went in Sacramento, missed my chance to see it. DVD time, I guess.
Mexico and Central America join the party next Friday, July 19th.
I just saw it in NYC a couple of days ago and the auditorium was actually full! And judging by the rather tentative laughter and applause (though there was some of both), they weren't even Whedonites, just regular folk. I saw it at TIFF with all them crazy people, so it was really interesting to see a more typical, "normal" reaction.

I also found it amusing that, while no one seemed to recognize Tom Lenk or many of the others, they all seemed to glow a little when Nathan Fillion showed up. Go Nathan.
It has moved to a 2nd run theatre in Toronto - very small auditoriums.
I saw it again yesterday & there were a couple other Whedonites but mostly Shakespearean fans including grandparents and their 13 year old grandson. It was more sexually charged than I thought they wanted but they laughed out loud at all the right moments.
That's what I couldn't do - laugh :-(.

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