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July 15 2013

Brian K. Vaughn's "Saga" leads the Harvey Award Nominations. Other Whedonverse-related nominees include Chris Samnee and Jenny Frison.

Ah, an excuse to tell you to be reading Rachel Rising, also nominated. Bonus relevancy: he drew "Wannablessedbe", a Dark Horse Comics story written by Amber Benson.
LOVE Saga... I'm a bit confused by how it's both a new and a continuing series. How does that work?
Saga didn't really click for me in the first issue and I didn't give it another thought. But a kind person recently dropped the first trade paperback onto my desk. So I've been reading it at lunch. I'm still not sure it's for me but I can see the appeal more now.
I bought the second trade today.
When is it coming back? I miss it so!
I think SAGA is FINALLY returning August 14th. And if you'll excuse shameless self promotion: that was me winning 10th place in the costume contest (in issue #13, not in the trade paperbacks/graphic novel)! And promoting Brian K. Vaughan: have you seen his online series 'The Private Eye'??
Saga has been extremely underwhelming to me thus far. Im still reading tbough hoping it becomes better.
For the record, I fell in love with Saga the way I feel in love with Firefly. That hard, that immediate.
The passion for Saga that I've seen is fascinating. I'm having a good time with it, but it feels very romp-y to me while others are clearly getting more out of it. Would love some insight.

Also, Lying Cat is awesome.
I think Saga is excellent and it's a well deserved nomination.
Saga is my favorite current comic series.

I think the hiatus is because BKV has been busy with the "Under the Dome" TV show.
Valentyn, an ongoing series doesn't have a set number of expected issues. For example, Watchmen was a limited series because when they started publishing it, they knew they were only going to have 12 issues and it would be over. Saga could go dozens or hundreds of issues, thus "continuing series."
Saga's hiatus isn't about Under the Dome. It takes a break, I believe, when it reaches the number of issues that go into a trade collection.
I thought Saga's hiatus had to do with Fiona Staples being busy?

So excited to see it back next month. One of my top 3 favorite ongoings!

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