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July 15 2013

Bear McCreary is the composer for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. He's an excellent choice.

Big fan of his work.
Excellent news! One of the best composers out there.
"And I'm fortunate that Marvel and Disney immediately recognized the value in having a full symphony orchestra perform the score for each and every episode, which is the only way to do this right."

Soundtrack please.

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I love the music on Walking Dead. Great choice!
His music for The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been my favorite ever on television. VERY happy.
Worlds colliding! As someone who listens to the the entire BSG and Caprica soundtrack on a weekly basis, this couldn't be better news. Bear McCreary is a musical genius--there just aren't hyperbolic statements that pertain to this guy.
This is awesomesauce. I love his stuff.
I'm glad about that, but THIS should absolutely be the SHIELD theme song:

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This sounds amazing. Hooray full orchestra! I also love that he namechecks Shirley Walker and Batman:TAS; I think he's absolutely right about the quality and scope of that scoring. It's still my all-time favorite superhero television show. (Though about to be eclipsed, I'm sure!)
Batman:TAS was really ahead of the curve.
I never realised he scored Eureka.
This is truly amazing news. My favorite TV composer by far. Everything he does is great. Murray Gold is the only other person who comes close.
Holy crap, full orchestra? Love that they're putting so much into this show.
Bear just made a post about it on his blog, and it sounds like we'll be hearing a bit of the music during the SHIELD panel!

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I've been fan campaigning for this choice since SHIELD was announced. The composer selection was what I was most concerned with and this is truly the best news ever.

So excited!

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Wow, McCreary's work on the short-lived "The Cape" was fantastic. I would've thought Alan Silvestri would've at least scored the pilot and provided the main theme at least...

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Could not be happier about this, perfect choice.
Awesome news! I've been his fan since BSG.
The first time I noticed Bear McCreary work was when I was watching the first season of Human Target. At first I didn't know what it was that made the show so cinematic and then realized it was the soundtrack. I also loved his work on Sarah Connor's theme for TSCC. Just when I thought Agents of SHIELD couldn't get any more awesome!
Fabulous news. Huge fan since BSG as well. Adore his stuff.
IMO, Bear McCreary is THE BEST composer for TV. I think the BSG score is the best TV score there ever was, so this is pretty exciting. His music brings shows to a higher level. He's brilliant.
Neat. And he's on twitter, so that's another person to be added to the Cast & Crew list.
His music for BSG and Caprica are actually the greatest pieces of music ever. Like ever. Brilliant choice.
Just adding my "great news!" to the comments. Absolutely loved his music for BSG and Caprica. I cannot think of any better composer for this series.
Bear is awesome, simply. Fell in love with his work while watching BSG.

If locking Joss and Bear in a room together hasn't already been done, then it should so this Bromance can produce true beauty.

Mixing the writing and epic storytelling we've come to expect from Joss with the deep, beautiful and emotional chords Bear breaths not just life, but soul into... wow... just wow.

Heaven on earth will be a little show called AoS
I can already see Joss doing one of his Signature Episodes with the aid of Bear.

Can you imagine an opera episode?
I am super excited about this. Obviously I'm a big Joss Whedon fan, and Bear McCreary is my favorite composer (I first got interested in him from BSG, and I've started watching a bunch of shows just because he wrote the music to them), so I have been waiting for a colaboration between these two people for several years now. I was totally freaking/geeking out when I read the news.
My fandoms are colliding! Seriously, I think I'm going to explode from excitement right this very minute.
I know he works mostly on TV, but that would be an inspired choice for Avengers 2.
Great news, love his work on BSG.
They are really going all out for this show. This is thrilling!
I love Bear's music and I love that he's going to use a full symphony for the score. What I don't like about it is that it makes an expensive show even more expensive - which means the ratings have to be that much higher to make it cost effective. Just because this show is based in a very successful film franchise, don't think the network won't pull the plug if it's losing too much money for them. Just ask Summer how that worked out for The Sarah Connor Chronicles...

Don't get me wrong - I really, really hope it's a HUGE success. I'm just worried that we're assuming it automatically will be so because the movies have been so huge.
While I've always known the score is important when I watch TV and it's the score that tips me over the edge emotionally rather than the visuals or dialogue a lot of the time, BSG was the first time I was *so* impressed with the score that I went the extra mile, looked Bear up, read his website and became a fan of his work in it's own right.

His deconstructions of the scores that he posted on his blog for BSG are really interesting. I liked reading about how he weaved character themes together or played diegetic music off against the score to create a particular feeling.
Steverogers, I know what you mean but I think if the show was on the verge of cancellation, it would have had more problems than budget. The cast is small and the special effects are probably more prop and explosion oriented, which is probably less expensive than the space fights in BSG. And that little show had a gigantic cast AND a composer.
This is amazing news. I loved the music in BSG. Part of me wonders how much Joss's BSG love had to do with this. :P
Oh I bet it had a lot to do with it! We saw quote a few actors & references to BSG in Dollhouse.
This should be a big "plus" for the show.

Glad someone mentioned Human Target, as I was going to say how obvious it was when the full-on music was dropped. We knew the show wasn't going to be there much longer.

Go, Bear!

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