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July 16 2013

Comicon 2013 cosplay catastrophe. A CollegeHumor video that features the voice of Joss (fair bit of swearing to be had).

I understood almost none of that.
I think that was the point. (Though I grokked more of it than I thought I would.)
Oh that is so funny! I don't feel that I needed to understand it in order go get it (and I adore Steampunk Joss Whedon!).
The only part I understood was when Joss was introduced. The rest of that went over my head.

I love Steampunk Joss Whedon too.
That was amazing.
That was SO wrong!

I love it when people put a lot of effort into their costumes, but I very rarely recognize them. There's just too much out there, and very few of the sites that post pictures caption them so those of us who aren't into the comics/movies/anime/whatever can look up the originals to see how well they did with the costumes.

One little request: Please, people, for the love of Joss, if you're larger than your character dress appropriately!!! If you want to be Princess Leia, that's fine. Just please don't subject everyone around you to Muffin Top Slave Leia.
For the people that aren't getting it - it's just a commentary (done slightly bitingly but I don't think maliciously) on how so many people are cosplaying as their own versions or mash-ups of characters that aren't actually related to the source material. :)

So instead of a ton of Boba Fetts, we get steam punk Boba Fett, 70's Boba Fett, female Boba Fett, medieval Boba Fett, etc. (I have personally seen all of those at SDCC)
Steampunk Cartoon Joss was adorable.

ShadowQuest: One little request: Please, people, for the love of Joss, if you're larger than your character dress appropriately!!! If you want to be Princess Leia, that's fine. Just please don't subject everyone around you to Muffin Top Slave Leia."

Gotta disagree with this. People should wear whatever they want without regard for appearing as anyone else deems "appropriately" - as long as they're comfortable with it, one hopes.

Cos-players, while certainly keeping audience in mind, are expressing themselves creatively and illustrating their identification with a character. They are dressing to please themselves and shouldn't have to take anyone's muffin-top sensitivity into consideration.

I say, more big people dressing in smaller people's outfits - and vice versa! More people mixing it up. Gender-crossing! Muffin-tops for all!

Confound the expectations of the Size Guardians, and let your fancy flow.

ETF: Tippety-typo

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Haha! This is just too funny. You'll totally get it if you've been to a convention. It's usually pretty impressive/imaginative. We took a picture of Animal (the Muppet) dressed as a storm trooper (no helmet). The mashups usually are the ones that stand out in the crowd. Search for "DragonCon parade" to see.
I got so much of that - It was like listening to my teenage daughter talk so I am fairly fluent.

It was so funny. And Steam Punk Joss? Wonderful.
So was Steampunk Joss Whedon wearing Steampunk Castle's mechanized arm? :P
curious now to know if joss has wrote so much that his hand needed rebooting.
also reminds me of the crazyiness of comic con in melbourne.
really enjoyed it
And each, in their fervent desire to express their inner snowflake, became known to the world as just another flake.
As a lady, I don't care if a fellow lady wants to wear the Leia bikini regardless of size. Someone willing to don a metal bikini knows a thing or two about costume bravery and understands what they're getting into. I've seen photos of men in Leia bikinis and it's hilarious. I applaud them for having the guts.

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I've watched enough anime to get the references. And this was hilarious.

Like wolfchild said, the primary humor was mixing two different sources that should never had gotten together (and not like chocolate and peanut butter). The secondary humor was how often these unlikely mash-ups were mistaken for other bizarre mixtures.

As much as I like having Joss in this cartoon, they messed up the punchline. Geoff should have referred to "steampunk Joss", only to be corrected that he is, in fact, cyborg Steamboy, with C3PO's arm (prequel version).
Thanks QuoterGal for saying what I wanted to say better than I would have!
I had no problem understanding any of that.

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