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July 17 2013

ThinkGeek announces Kaylee-inspired messenger bag. Based on her jumpsuit, the bag will be available starting in October for $39.99.

From the press release: "This unique bag is an officially licensed product and is based on the mechanic's jumpsuit worn by she who kept Serenity in the sky. From the color down to the details of the embroidered plush patches, the Kaylee Messenger Bag is a great way of subtly letting the world know that you ain't one of those Purple-Bellies. Look for it in October 2013 for $39.99."

Oh man, seeing the headline made me think the strap (or maybe the sides of the bag itself) would be some colorful print reminiscent of Kaylee's sleeves - but no, it's just a khaki bag with her knee-patch on it. Good idea, but it didn't go far enough. Edit: Ok, there's a colorful print on the inside of the bag. Better. Plus I am just glad ThinkGeek are fans.

[ edited by will.bueche on 2013-07-17 19:34 ]
Yeah, I was imagining something more Kaylee-awesome too, and was a bit disappointed (the heart shape? Really?). I guess I'll continue carrying my Browncoat messenger bag until it falls apart (it holds a notebook computer AND a hardback book!).
I do like that they took the time to actually look at screenshots of Kaylee's jumpsuit and realise that there are more patches than just the bear (the heart and the flower). Kinda wish they'd put the chinese characters on it too.
Oh, shiny, I like it!

[ edited by snj on 2013-07-18 10:17 ]
Except... well... uh-oh?

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