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July 17 2013

Ethan Iverson reviews the Much Ado About Nothing soundtrack. Ethan Iverson, acclaimed pianist and composer, one third of The Bad Plus, reviews Joss' score for Much Ado About Nothing.

Iverson regards "Once More With Feeling" as "the greatest episode of television I've ever seen" and says "Indeed, it is time for the phrase 'Joss Whedon: Composer' to be taken seriously." Nonetheless, the review is a serious one and makes some criticisms as well as giving praise where it is due.

Ethan is a very talented musician/composer and his comments are to the point and, much as he loves Joss, instructive in a critical but friendly manner.
Nothing particularly insightfull, quite the contrary. Oh, well, it shows that, contrary to believe, being a great artist doesnt mean having a special talent for criticism.
I thought this was a fair review? What's your problem with it, Darkness?
I thought it was quite insightful. Iverson is both a good musician and quite articulate. Always has been.
“I learned counterpoint from what notes sounded good together in an electronic box”

Didn't Joss malign his ability to write counterpoint on the commentary to Once More With Feeling? I seem to remember that, somewhere in the dim recesses of my mind.

Also, since Jonatha Brooke wrote the Dollhouse theme, not Joss, some comments about that piece made in this article do not apply. But a good analysis nonetheless.
Oh, i havent seen the movie, nor have i heard the soundtrack (i prefer to hear it fresh when the movie opens, if it opens, where i live, someday, or it gets to dvd) so my problem has nothing to do with his fairness or with agreeing with him or not; im certainly open to criticism towards Joss, no artist is always right nor perfect, so its not a case of overprotectiveness.

Im just a big fan of The Bad Plus and expect a little more from their members. Maybe i was a bit unfair and a bit less than articulate. Its a fine review, but as a teacher that has to give a B to a student he knows can get to A+ easily, i felt a bit disapointed. :)

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