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July 17 2013

QMx announces Firefly/Serenity mobile game. Firefly Online is a "multi-user, social online role-playing game that will initially be available for smartphones and tablets, including those based on iOS and Android operating systems."

There's an online trailer.

This is the fourth attempt to get such a game off the ground? Good luck.
Poor, poor DarkCryo.
Hey, at least this one seems to be licensed. Still, not exactly promising.

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this one seems to be oficially licensed by FOX, although I don't like the "social online mmo" I've seen what they've done with the Battlestar Galactica game, they basically made it a pay2win vehicle, let's hope this one fares better
Seen what who has done with what BSG game?
Oh man. I'm sort of intrigued, but I'm not sure to what extent this game will scratch that Firefly itch. Plus, considering the amount of Ingress I play, I'm quite invested in another virtual world and could probably use some time in the real one.
Considering it's only initially available for smartphones I'm not gonna get my hopes up..
Was anyone involved with the show even asked to consult on this?

Sidenote, the music in the teaser is from the movie. I wonder why they didn't use music from the show. One would think that'd be cheaper than dragging Universal into it.
From reading the games sites, there's a lot of love for Firefly. Not so much for the game being on smartphones and tablets.
Smartphones and tablets might not be well loved among hardcore gamers, but there's definitely a market out there. iOS is a huge platform. If they make this cheap or free to play with optional addons, I imagine it will make a lot of money if it's good.

Of course, is it good? We'll find out I guess. I signed up to see what they deliver.
I asked Spark Plug on Twitter if any of their current products give any sense of the direction or style for this. Answer: "This is all shiny, wonderful and new territory for us."
(Hilariously, I spotted some folks on Twitter pushing the idea that Fox screwed over DarkCryo.)
Darkcryo put out a statement on their website:

Its about gorram time!

For years the DarkCryo family have been campaigning for a licensed Firefly interactive title, and are most excited that the fine VPs of FOX Entertainment Group have finally decided to stand up and take notice of its amazing potential.

Acting in good faith to our original promise not to cause unfair competition should this day ever come, we shall now pass the baton to the QMx team in support of their shiny new venture, as we focus our flagship release onto greater heights.

We are very proud to have contributed to the legacy of keeping the signal alive these many years, and look forward to seeing you all inworld!

~ your DarkCryo Crew

Mentioned at the Gameological society.

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So QMx is apparently a company that makes sci-fi figurines with no game development experience, and Spark Plug Games has mainly made Bejeweled clones and hidden object games.

This game is going to be terrible.
Feels exploitative, as much as I hate to say it. If the budget was there I'm sure a Firefly game could be great but I can't imagine this has much of one. I wish them all the best though. I'd love to be proved wrong.

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