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July 18 2013

Morena Baccarin & Christina Hendricks nominated for Primetime Emmys. Morena Baccarin and Christina Hendricks have both received a nomination as "Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series" for Homeland and Madmen. The Emmy Nominations were co-hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, who was a last minute addition.

Other Whedonverse alumni nominated are:
- Seth Green - Outstanding Voice-Over Performance - Robot Chicken DC Comics Special
- Sigourney Weaver - Outstanding Lead Actress In A Miniseries Or A Movie - Political Animals

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Homeland and Mad Men are fantastic shows. Kate Mara was supposed to do the Emmy nominations but her flight was delayed.
Also Sarah Paulson (Serenity) for American Horror Story. Bear McCreary (Shield) for outstanding theme DaVinci's Demons.

Tatiana Maslany hasn't been nominated for best actress, thereby invalidating all the other nominations.
Agree about Maslany. Does it seem like the same list? And I thought folks really didn't like Newsroom.
hann23, folks as in audiences and critics or the people actually making the nominations? The first two don't matter as much, since plenty of good shows and actors don't get nominations. Hence, why Justified hasn't been nominated for best show or Timothy Olyphant for best actor. Or Sons of Anarchy for best show.

I think strong performances can be distinguished from the flaws of the show as a whole. I thought the last season of Homeland was a mess, but I thought Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin gave extremely good performances throughout. Damien Lewis did well even though he wasn't given as much to work with.

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Neil Patrick Harris was also nominated for hosting the 2013 Tony Awards. (I still cannot get over that fabulous opening number.)
I'm happy for both Morena and Christina. It's about time they both got some recognition for the great work they do. However, I have to agree that the "Best Actress" category is a complete sham (no poo!) without Maslany. On Orphan Black she played 7 distinct and varied characters incredibly well. No one on any other show did anything close to that.
I can only think that the voters didn't watch Orphan Black. How could you watch it and not nominate Maslany for every acting award ever? Inconceivable. (yes, yes, I know what that word means. :-))

Happy for Baccarin & Hendricks, though. Wonderful actresses, both of them.
More Whedonverse nominees - Howard Gordon (who wrote on "Buffy" and "Angel") was nominated as executive producer of Best Drama nominee "Homeland" and Tim Minear ("Angel," "Firefly") is nominated as one of the producers of Best Miniseries nominee "American Horror Story: Asylum."
I too am very happy to see Morena and Christina get Emmy nods for their roles but am highly disappointed at how Tatiana Maslany was shut out for her roles on Orphan Black...though, to use a similar kind of setup, did Toni Collette ever score an Emmy nod for her character(s) on The United States of Tara, since she played someone with Multiple Personality Disorder?
I am very happy that Morena and Christina are nominated. They are both fabulous in their roles. I was disappointed, however, that Tatiana Maslany and Timothy Olyphant were both snubbed. Tatiana was amazing playing several distinctly different characters, and Olyphant is just amazing in everything he does. And BlueEyedBrigadier Toni Collette won both an Emmy and a Golden Globe for United States of Tara. I think the only reason Maslany wasn't nominated was because her show happened to be sci-fi.
Yes, Olyphant should also have been nominated for best actor - and that guy who plays his boss for best supporting... I never hear anyone talking about Justified, but besides the great acting, it's also one of the very best written shows on tv.
steverogers, I love "Justified." The actor who plays Art (Raylan's boss) is Nick Searcy. And a Whedon connection is that Patton Oswalt showed up on "Justified" this past season as a deputy whose mild exterior hid a core of steel. I hope he's back this coming season.
Patton Oswalt was wonderful as Bob. The show could have made him a throwaway character but he turned out to be tough as nails and much more than a cop-wannabe that you initially chalked him up to be, and proved himself to be mostly competent and very helpful to Raylan. When comedians are hired on dramatic shows they usually want someone to bring levity but oftentimes the characters end up being buffoons to laugh at or pity. The show and Patton Oswalt really brought a depth to the character.
I would just like to add my voice to the fervor of disgust of Maslany being ignored. There are so many wonderful female leads on television right now. Maslany just happens to be playing several of them.

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