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July 18 2013

(SPOILER) CBR Behind Buffy S9: Scott Allie on Buffy #23. Has first spoilerish hints about one of the arcs in season 10.

Wow, a lot in this interview. And I'm guessing some big twist was left out.

I'm worried for Xander.
I like Allie's reasons for why Simone retained her intelligence after being turned. I think the Deeper Well would make a great focus for a new Seed of Wonder, and be a key to restoring magic to the world. I think magic is such a key element to the Buffy universe I wouldnt want to see it go forever without.
The thing is, that fairly well conflicts with what we learn about from Fray.
Also, I kind of want Maloker vs Illyria. Just because a vamped Illyria would be a quite spectacularly insane thing on many many levels.
Besides zompires what has breaking the seed actually done to the world? There seems to be as much magic as there was before. Maybe not S8 levels of power, but certainly about as much as was in the show.
Breaking the seed has done a lot. There's less creativity and art. Coke doesn't even taste right! Demons are trapped in our dimension and can't get home. Dawn is disappearing. I'm sure there's a lot of things happening that we don't see as well.

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