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July 18 2013

Australian opening weekend numbers for Much Ado. Whilst the total ain't huge the per theatre number is not too shabby.

I saw it for the first time this week with my partner (who is now officially a big Amy Acker fan). There were only 7 others in the cinema, though it was 2PM on a Wednesday. I knew I would enjoy the film, but I was surprised by just how much I ended up enjoying it. I'm very keen to see it again next week.

Anyone else feel like the trailer didn't do the film justice?
I got to see it yesterday, and found it a pure delight to watch! There were only 6 of us, I think, but it was a 10.40am Friday showing at an indie cinema. I hope to make it back for at least one more is a 2-hour trip there, but well worth it.

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