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July 19 2013

Much Ado About Nothing Theater Listings in the U.S. More theater listings.

Yay, Tulsa in Oklahoma!! Wait, that's still a drive...any chance the Ado may visit OK City? Dang, I feel terrible even asking that. Guess it's worth the risk of being hit by various fruits and meats.
And it's still playing in a number of places in Canada including, it seems, Sidney, BC, which is basically Victoria North.

If it can play in a couple of places in the Victoria region ( a city of about 360,000 people - it played in the city itself for a couple weeks), it ought to make it to a lot more places yet. I imagine that even as the theatre count drops it will still find places to play through the rest of the summer.
Here's Australia cinemas listing.
Came back to Kentucky, Maine.

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