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July 19 2013

Joss' costume designer: 'I love working in sci-fi because there are no rules'. Shawna Trpcic speaks to Salon about working on Firefly, Dr. Horrible and Much Ado About Nothing.

Even if youíre a die-hard Joss Whedon fan, you probably donít know the name Shawna Trpcic.

The writer hasn't spent much time with Whedon fans, has she?
No; they sure haven't. Shawna Trpcic, Lisa Lassek, Jeff Pruitt, Cristophe Beck... You don't have to be an actor or writer in the Whedonverse to be known to fans.
If they had asked Shawna they would have known that she has attended a lot of conventions and fan events, showing off original costumes.
Yeah, that first sentence struck me as rather out of touch as well. Shawna Trpcic is, from my understanding, very well known around these parts. She even appeared on the Shindig commentary, if my memory serves me right.

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