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"See how I'm not punchin' him? I think I've grown."
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March 03 2004

Brian Fuller talks about Wonderfalls and mentions Joss Whedon and Buffy as an influence.

You all must see Wonderfalls. It's gorgeous and funny, and assumes the audience is smart and Jaye is a pixie stick filled with battery acid and my GOD, it is so good.

Watch this. Watch this with everyone you've ever met.
Very interesting, especially Fuller's view on how people have trouble with emotional male leads. Fuller's cynicism is part of the reason I enjoy his work.
I can't wait. I'm tickled pink by the idea of a heroine who is so acidic.

But I'm scared, too. Scared I'll love Wonderfalls and then have it taken away prematurely. Damn this world.
phlebotinin--Just never say you love it out loud and try to think stupid thoughts when you watch it. Maybe that will fool network radar.

I'll forgive him for assuming that just because I'm a chick I am "wildly neurotic", too "emotional" and search out romantic comedies as entertainment because this show sounds great. And romantic comedies are not entertainment. Must watch but Not. become. emotionally. involved. See, there I go. Now I'm worrying neurotically about a show I haven't even seen. Maybe he's got a point.
We'll probably organise a chat over at the night Wonderfalls airs, seeing as a lot of our readers will be watching this.

Ive seen the pilot and enjoyed it. A lot.
bloodflowers - I think you misunderstood Fuller. He's not saying that chicks are neurotic or emotional, he says that we are more comfortable watching neurotic or emotional characters when they're chicks. In a sense, he's saying that it's hard to have a three-dimensional male lead that people will come to like.

As for "female appeal" - many sentences that begin with those words are stereotypes (hey, I just made one myself!), and in an ideal world you wouldn't have to rely on those when writing a TV show. In a non-ideal world, you probably wouldn't make it to the pilot pickup.
Anti--Maybe I did read too quickly. If he's talking about what behavior an audience is willing to accept in a character, then fine. My comment was meant to be taken more lightheartedly, but maybe my tone came across as being honestly offended. The important thing is that Wonderfalls sounds like it's going to be a creative and character driven show that I'm really looking forward to.
me, too :-)

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