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July 19 2013

Harry Groener is Cyrano! at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, begins September 24th.

Cyrano de Bergerac at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre:
The stars have aligned to reunite the actor-director team behind CST's wildly popular production of The Madness of George III. The illustrious Harry Groener, who took home the Best Actor Jeff Award for his turn as King George, will play the nobleman whose gift for romance is shadowed by his all-too-prominent nose.

Wow, the presneter of my favorite villain from my favorite show ever playing my favorite lit'r'ry hero! (I once did a time-travel fic where Buffy and Tara met him; he knew what the Slayer was and addressed them as Daughters of Leah nad Rachel.)
Thanks for pointing this out. I used to have a season subscription when CST was on Clark St. I'll have to visit Navy Pier this fall.
I have loved this play all my life and the actor since I first saw him. Too bad Chicago is far.
What Pointy said. If this were in LA, my tickets would be bought.

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