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July 19 2013

Cobie Smulders joins SHIELD. We basically knew it already, but it's been officially announced that she's in at least the pilot.

Stating the obvious, but how awesome would it be if SHIELD got a second season and Cobie Smulders could join full time? To be on such a long-running and successful comedy and then be able to jump right to an action show? Pretty sweet.

It just occurred to me that the only two cast members of HIMYM who have not worked with Joss are Jason Segal and Josh Radnor. Does HIMYM have the most cast members with a direct Whedon connection?
You could hear her voice in the TV spot from a few months ago.So this is not a surprise.I bet there is a good chance that if S.H.I.E.L.D. gets a second season than Cobie Smulders could become a regular since HIMYM will be over.

The Agents of Shield panel is has started too.

Live blogging here.

and here.

They are airing the whole pilot there.Also the Hitfix blog will also be live blogging Joss's Dark Horse. panel.

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Not there, boo.
Woot for Cobie!
Man, I want her to be a regular in S2 so bad.

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