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July 19 2013

(SPOILER) 'Agents of SHIELD' pilot screens at Comic-Con - first thoughts. "The dialogue was, to give a shout out to a certain fan site, Whedonesque".

Nine and a half weeks...

I need a machine that speeds up time. I want to see this now!
Here's io9's article: *Click*

And here's Poptimal's review (spoilers): *Click*

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See you later guys. I'm going to hop into my cryogenic stasis tube until September.
This is pretty exciting.
Folks who are here and on twitter liked it. I actually had to start carefully following folks because Marvel's live feed started quoting lines. I don't mind spoilers to an extent but don't give me Joss banter out of context.

What I caught sounded great but of course I'm a member of the choir.
In the io9 review:

"There are almost no stakes in this first episode..."

So almost no vampire slayers, either?

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