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July 19 2013

Newsrama's liveblog of Joss's Dark Horse panel at SDCC. The panel's just about to end and this is the best liveblog that I've found. It was basically an hour of Joss answering questions from fans.

Kudos to the liveblogger. Good job & a very fun Q&A.
I wanna see Andrew meet Thor! (Fake deleted scene, maybe?)

Although, I'm kind of surprised someone asked that Much Ado question. How many times has he answered that question in the last couple of months?
Hitfix has a two page live blog too.

I think they caught some things that the Newsarama one missed such as a question about were Xander and Anya back together in the latter part of season 7?

No season 10 news.Unless some interviews come out from the Dark Horse creative team over the next few days(or something comes out on another Dark Horse panel the next two days),NYCC in October might be where any big Season 10 news hits since that is one month after Buffy # 25,the conclusion of season 9.

There was also a Georges Jeanty panel earlier in the day but I've seen no reports from it yet.

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I know Dark Horse is only a sponsor, but I'm really, really disappointed. Come on, not a single Buffy S9 question ! Why ??
@Buffyfantic, I just found a nice interview with Jeanty on Whedonopolis (or Whedonpolis, don't remember) There's a GORGEOUS Jo Chen mural there, possibly the cover for the fifth book.

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I was at both the Joss panel and the Georges panel.
Stelian,thanks for that.I'll post a link to it on the front page.I think that's Jo Chen's cover for the final season 9 trade.

LocoforLoki,was there any news or interesting bits at the Georges's panel?
I was hoping someone would ask a Wastelanders question. I mean I know Joss is too busy with Marvel stuff for now, but I was hoping that he might still give an update on the project, as Warren Ellis and he worked on it last year after San Diego Comic Con.
I find it funny he was actually asked about the colour red.
Heart broken lyrics.
Ballroom 20 holds 2,000 people. If no one asked Joss a single question about Buffy S9 or Wastelanders, what does that tell you about fan interest in either?
Well, I don't think 2,000 people represent the entire fan community.
Dean, capacity of Ballroom 20 is I think just under 5000. However, it's not like they all get to submit a question or vote on what's asked. It's a small handful of people to manage to rush up to one of the microphones before other fans. Having attended SDCC back in 2011 when Joss was speaking, you have to be fast enough to get one of the microphones before everyone else. Also you have to not mind likely losing your seat and spending a good part of panel in line waiting to ask your question. Basically, it's not something that is for everyone, so I don't think it exactly represents all fandom.

In 2011 Joss was working on Avengers and I don't think anyone asked him a single Avengers question. I don't think that was saying anything about fan interest in Avengers at the time, just who was lined up.

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