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"Phil? His first name is Agent."
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July 20 2013

A Whedon reference in the new Veronica Mars SDCC sneak peek footage. You'll know it when you see/hear it.

yeah, I was happy hearing that as well. :)
Gotta admit, I squealed a little. :D
Whoh I've watched the trailer like 3 times and I hadn't noticed this ! It just made my day !
I'm still giddy :D And hoping somehow (unlikely, I know) Joss found a minute to pop on by to be somewhere in the background!
Eeeh. Veronica and Piz have been a serious couple for years now I guess? I suppose I just feel bad for Piz when she inevitably gets back with Logan.
Yeah, I shouted a little when I heard that. I'm looking forward to the movie but really hope it is the movie we need, not the movie fans want. Rob Thomas was sounding as though he was going to give us everything we wanted but that would not be a good movie.
Awesome on top of awesome.
Rob Thomas has had a lot of years to think about what he would write if he had the chance, so I hope it will be smart edgy and kind of dark. But even if it is a fun friendly romp in the California sunshine I'll enjoy seeing these characters again (and I'll be 'over' asking for more).

I'm counting on the Hell Mouth to tip the story-line in the direction of darkness! LOL
Oh, that was fun!

I agree with you Lioness -- got my fingers crossed. RT is doing a great job with the Kickstarter updates, though. Making everyone feel involved with the process is really smart. I don't even pay much attention to them, but I already feel secure that I'm getting my money's worth. And I'm pretty sure that he cares about his story enough to keep the fan-service from driving the script.

Regardless, Dick will clearly be hilarious. And I enjoy Mac's new hair.
Awesome. Worth the cost of my Kickstarter contribution all by itself.
Liam Mars... My first feeling was happy that Veronica chose a functional (Pizzy) relationship and my first thought was that I hope things don't get too Whedony in terms of how it might happen that Veronica might become available again.
I'm counting on the Hell Mouth to tip the story-line in the direction of darkness! LOL

embers, you kill me! Hmm, wonder if Rob is monitoring this topic? For myself, just want to see Veronica do what she does best, screw over the bad guys!

Oh, the reference....what was it again?
Love the inclusion of a Whedon reference.

I'm not sure we can definitively say that she is still in a relationship with Piz. I see how people are coming to that conclusion since Piz never attended Neptune High and wouldn't be invited to the reunion, but he could be there for a variety of other reasons. Actually I'm thinking that he didn't become a radio jockey and is instead a journalist who is there to help Veronica with the case in some way.
The reference was that Piz says Veronica's high school really was over a hellmouth.
Hey - I paid for some Logan lovin', Lioness. ;)
I miss Mac's old hair :/

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