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July 20 2013

Video for the Nerd HQ Conversation with Joss Whedon. Also, here's the video from the Robot Chicken panel, which includes Seth Green.

Thanks so much for posting. This was my favorite Joss interview in possibly forever :)

Tho you may want to click to here: so you don't have to scroll thru the wait. (It starts at around the .24 mark)
Great panel.Always fun when Joss does these.
Some seriously great, smart, interesting and varied questions. Nerd HQ is such an inviting online presence. Really love it. For charity too, so cool! Wish I was there.
Brains Boy and Not-So-Brains Boy.
Mic drop.
This was really funny, and fun. Nerd HQ really is one of the best things at SDCC.
Amazing Q&A. I loved Brain Boy and Muscle Man/ Green Lantern aka Castle and Dead Hobo killed by..,,,

Everyone needs to listen to this. I loved, as a friend pointed out, Joss's explanation of "worming" feminism into the fiction and thus the heart of the audience.

That's my mic drop.

No wait, it was the fact that this whole event raised funds for Operation Smile. One of my rugrats is cleft affected and he's so lucky to be so close to some of the best docs in the world. Operation Smile gets these docs out into all areas of the world to treat something so fixable.

Yeah Team Whedonverse!

That's my mic drop....
Anyone noticed the guy with the Google Glass in the crowd?
The question about what affected Joss growing up, as Buffy had affected the questioner, was great. Nathan's comment about it being ok to admit it was him got such a genuine laugh from Joss that I played it a couple of times.
It is the friendship I've enjoyed seeing in these Nerd HQ conversations. Nathan and Joss, Alan and Nathan...

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