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July 20 2013

Amy Acker now a series regular on "Person of Interest". The announcement was made during the POI panel at SDCC '13.

Yet another reason to watch this interesting and fun show.
Well this should be interesting.
Oh I'm thrilled, they created such an interesting/layered character for her... plus I always enjoyed the show a lot anyway!
Yay! I've been slowly drawn into this show and really like it. I noticed she was in the end of the previous season so another great reason to make it one of my "must see" shows.
Yay! I just finished Season 1 & was very happy to see Amy at the end. From sweet to evil and back again--she's got it covered.
A clever preemptive strike to keep her available for POI knowing that Joss would sooner or later realize that she was the perfect actress for some role in SHIELD.
That's my story and I'm stinkin' to it.

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