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July 21 2013

All day Buffy marathon today on SyFy. Beginning with "Welcome to the Hellmouth."

Haven't watched the early episodes in a long time. They're all so young!!
Turned across it this morning and was quite pleased (and watching currently). However, looks like they're bouncing around episodes from S1 to S5 all day?
They're showing OMWF at 2 am. Thank goodness I'm off work tomorrow.(says the guy who owns all the DVDs.)
I wasn't going to watch, but I cannot help myself.
'There is no spell' Everytime I see that part I get chills.
Just saw the epic Faith vs Buffy smackdown in Graduation Day PT1. It was wonderful.

Is it wrong that I was hoping for more Buffy comics talk from Joss at SDCC? Did I miss it?
The re-watchability of this show and Angel is mind boggling. I've seen so many of these episodes multiple times and they STILL can keep me glued to the screen. Even the most critically acclaimed shows on TV today don't do that to me. I love Breaking Bad but have never re-watched a single episode and don't intend to. Some shows are just great on that first watch and then you're done, not Buffy and Angel
I have to agree, the rewatchability of Buffy and Angel is very, very high. Either just turning across it on TV or popping in a random episode on DVD or watching seasons straight through (though the older I get, the harder it is to do this in one or two sittings anymore).
Yeah, it's unfortunate, but I think rewatchability of the sort that Buffy/Angel have isn't really something shows strive for. Obviously I can rewatch Mad Men for added symbolism/meaning/&c., but I'm never rewatching just for the pure pleasure of it.

It's interesting--one of my favorite critics (Matt Zoller Seitz) recently wrote an article praising Suits, in which he lamented that "quality" TV shows (and TV critics) have stopped valuing the art of a show that aims to give pleasure to the viewers (heads out of gutters now, please!). Which is something I think Buffy was really good at, even though it was also really good at the other thing.

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