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July 21 2013

Meet Arrow's new Black Canary in the first season 2 trailer. Our favorite kick-ass woman join Arrow.

Yeah, it's Summer Glau that is joining Arrow. Not much is revealed about who she is playing, unless the title gives it away.

and of course all the comments in that site are rude remarks about how the show now's gonna be cancelled. God I hate people sometimes.
We don't actually talk about comments on other sites here, tis in our rules.
Uh...Garim? More than once source has Summer's character as "Isabel Rochev" and an actress named Caity Lotz undertaking the role of Silver Age Black Canary Dinah Drake.

Rochev is an existing Green Arrow character, though the character bio I've read has her as a former Siberian diamond mine slave who managed to gain her freedom and become a businesswoman powerful enough to take over control of Queen Industries because she was inspired by Robert Queen (Oliver Queen/Green Arrow's dad) after he visited the mine she worked in to the extent she think she's Daddy Queen's one true love.

Dunno how they're gonna rework the character, since Summer didn't seem to have an accent similar to her ballerina character from "Waiting in the Wings" in the trailer (but I dunno if comics!Isabel lost hers too) though her conversation with Oliver does seem to be on a similar track to the comic version's belief she is the rightful successor to Robert Queen due to perceptions of mismanagement of Queen Industries by the Queen family after Robert Queen died. And I presume Laurel not taking up the Black Canary mantle is because Kate Cassidy's Dinah "Laurel" Lance is only in her infancy as someone who could kick ass.

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