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July 21 2013

Joss talks Age of Ultron. He talks about how they are just using the title and not adapting the recent Ultron storyline from the comics. How the film will be darker than the first and how he is enjoying writing Hawkeye in the group dynamic this time around. He also says Hank Pym will not be in the film.

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Nice. Means I don't have to read that at all.
I figured it wouldn't be strick adaptation at the least if at all.First of all,The Age Of Ultron story in the comics involves Wolverine and Sue Storm in major roles in the story.

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Hmmm... the Hank Pym thing is a little head-scratchy.

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I love how everyone's getting all upset about this. Haven't people ever heard of subterfuge? Is Joss really going to give away key plot points this early in the game?

Guess it's a good thing I'm not a comic book reader. I'd hate to be pissed off about something that's not going to happen for two years.
I dunno, Arsenal...maybe Joss is being obscenely literal and misdirecting the fans. Hank Pym may never appear but Ant Man/Giant Man/Yellowjacket could and the character's true identity never mentioned. Like how Quicksilver and the Scarlett Witch won't be referred to as Pietro and Wanda due to character use issues with 20th Century Fox over their involvement with the X-Men franchise
When I heard that the teaser had Iron Man's helmet being re-arranged, and we saw the sentient armor suits in IM3, it was a pretty easy to guess that they might want to simplify the story by having Stark involved in Ultron's origins.
He wouldn't kid us about there being a lot of Hawkeye in the movie, would he? (And by Hawkeye, I mean Renner.)
He also said in his NerdHQ session that there's a lot of good Black Widow stuff in A2, also.
Yeah, it seems fair that they could do Ultron with Stark instead and this might be useful for slightly phasing out or downplaying Iron Man's importance.

I'm assuming the moment they revealed the title they'd have already preplanned how many details they were willing to reveal in the event someone asked. (Sort of like how Karen Gillan shaved her head but kept it hidden until she could do a big reveal once someone asked.)
So Stark created the AI called Ultron... Well, he did creat Jarvis... maybe Jarvis tuned evil and changed his name.

By the way, in the comics Ultron is Scarlet witch's father-in-law. No way is that actually going to be in A2 but we could have the creation of Vision in A2.
When Ultron first appeared in the comics, no one knew he was created by Pym. I don't see why Pym would have to be in the movie to be Ultron's creator.

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