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July 21 2013

Felicia Day returning to Supernatural. She will be reprising her role as Charlie in the fourth episode of season nine.

I /love/ Charlie, both as a queer female character in general and a queer female character on Supernatural in particular, where queer characters are pretty nonexistent and it's pretty rare for a woman to survive through an episode or not sleep with one of the guys. I told Felicia Day this at C2E2 and she said she agreed wholeheartedly and that Charlie is one of her favorite roles to date. So I'm pretty excited about this news!
I've been hoping for a spin-off for Felicia since her character popped up in Season 7 (she was practically the only good thing about that season).
I've been waiting to see her die. I like Felicia Day a lot, and I like her character a lot. But they kill *everyone* on that show.
Yeah, the body count on Supernatural puts Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead to shame. It wouldn't shock me to see her die.
So what we're saying is SPN should have Joss's annoying reputation instead...!
Funny they also announced that there would be a potential spin-off next year, but it sounds like it will be for a new character.
Supernatural can't be too far from finishing up, hopefully they can wrangle an excuse to have Charlie guest on the spinoff now and then.
Fantastic. I love Charlie, (and Felicia, of course). As long as they don't kill her off, 'cause we need at least one female character to survive until the end!

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