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July 21 2013

Joss talks Buffy & Serenity comics, Avengers and SHIELD. Great interview coming out of Comic-Con.

Giles being a young boy IS pretty funny. Just, please, don't let him get the hots for Buffy like he lusted after Faith...*blech*
I could be totally wrong about all this. Please feel free to school me where I am. One little needling thing about the interview article got me thinking. A question involved SLJ wanting to be involved in the tv series, and Joss Whedon gave a very politically safe answer, but I don't think it was the right one. The actual answer is far more complicated and if Whedon tried to describe it, the people at Disney would have a long talk with him the following day.

Samuel L Jackson being in SHIELD the TV show is more tricky than it might look on the surface. I mean to an untrained eye it looks like a no brainer. Nick Fury is Coulson's boss. Of course SLJ will be needed on the show in every episode - if not every scene. It won't make sense otherwise. Couple problems there.

First off, you don't have to. Nick Fury's character can communicate with Coulson off camera. An email or a phone call. In boring exposition, Coulson can just tell another character what Nick Fury just told him, and we've saved the studio a lot of money, which brings me to reason number two.

I doubt Jackson's agent will allow him to step foot on that set for less than the entire budget of an average episode. So unless SHIELD starts bringing in more ad revenue than the Superbowl, that bald head may NEVER show up on the small screen. Maybe SLJ will be willing to work just for Scale, but will SLJ's handlers let him? Disney can afford it sure, but they'd rather actually profit from this venture.

Third, this "level seven clearance" thing is gonna be a big deal, that they will probably want to keep alive until the sequel. So far as Tony Stark and Steve Rogers know, Coulson is very, very dead. I doubt that will change even during Avengers Two, unless it becomes a prominent plot point, which it won't. For the run of the SHIELD series, The Avengers can't know Coulson is still alive. This means I doubt Banner, Thor, Black Widow or Hawkeye will find out either. Or any other actor involved in the films whose agents want them to make more than Scale.

Fourth, Nick Fury has become a sort of liaison to The Avengers and in a broader sense "A" list caped heroes in this cinematic variant of the Marvel universe. If the tv series is not going to focus on caped superheroes directly, but is instead about normal people like Coulson and his subordinates tackling how magic and aliens and cosmic energies and gamma rays and radioactive spiders and genetic mutations affect normal people indirectly, then Nick Fury is gonna have to be reserved for instances when the series can't avoid the inevitable bleed over. This means they have to build up to an appearance by Nick Fury, and any prominent "A" lister.

We're probably talking Sweeps weeks or the season one finale. Nick Fury may make appearances at times like that, but a scene where Nick walks in holding a cup of coffee just to talk shop or swap war stories with Coulson? Not plausible. At least not in the first season or two. The story will have to demand it, and even then, the moneybags at Disney will still have to be convinced.
I thought the comment about Season 10 was interesting. It sounds like there will be more crossover with Buffy and Angel than before. It also sounds like there will still be 2 books for Season 10, and those books are likely Buffy and A&F. Of course I am just jumping to conclusions here.
Joss is of course vague about season 10 and rightfully so.

I would imagine Joss doesn't want to spoil how the season is going to end and revealing any real season 10 news now such as what titles will make up next season and any plot points will ruin the end they have planned for season 9.

It's why I suspect there was no real news at SDCC.They are probably saving that for NYCC which is the month after season 9 wraps.


I wouldn't rule out a change up in what monthlies we get next season.Again,Joss is vague here probably because any reveal would spoil the end of season 9.

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I wouldn't mind a bit of a shakeup. The joy of comics is that they can really have any sort of teamups they like. Say, a Willow/Faith/Andrew series.

I hope we get a few one-shots in S10 too.
@ZachsMind I hadn't thought of that. Of course the Avengers can't know Coulson is alive. The trust with Fury is shaky as it is....this would completely destroy it.
Finally ! I'm quite happy with the hints for S10 !
One thing I can't figure out; If Coulson's non-death is level seven classified, so the Avengers can't know or be told he's alive, what on earth could they tell him in his faked account of events that would explain why *he* can't contact them, particularly Tony Stark or Pepper, ever again? Or to explain to Coulson why the fact he is alive is classified?

(Or what happened to his prized trading cards. But hey...)

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One simple reason for keeping Coulson's death classified: SHIELD emotionally manipulated some very powerful people (including a god with a very big hammer) by telling him that someone died. They might become a little hard to work with in the future if they're told that it was all just a big leg pull to get them to get in line.
@Jason_M_Bryant: I think that apollo11 is asking what would stop a Level 7 agent like Phil from deciding to get Cap to sign his fan cards (that he bought on EBay, after his vintage set disappeared from his locker...). There would have to be a plausible reason, or a direct order without a reason given.

@Zachsmind: SLJ statements included the possibility of a voice call, like Charlie in "Charlie's Angels". Being able to literally phone in his lines would be a lot cheaper than an actual visit to the set.

I think that Joss's statement should be taken at face value. They want to figure out when/where Fury should show up in the movie and TV shared space, before writing themselves into a corner. If Fury is dealing with the Avengers directly, then he would want to keep Coulson at arm's length.

I am going to go out on a very safe limb, and guess at some point Coulson's team will mess up, big time. That would be the time for Fury or Maria Hill to show up, give Phil a massive chewing-out, and (name your favorite several episode guest star) shows up to take over Phil's squad.
I'm going out on a limb to say that I predict Shield's Coulson is a robot.
Joss likes robots.

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I'm sure SLJ would be more than capable of overruling his agent and doing to show at a steep discount, if he really wanted to... and it sounds like he really wants to.

Of course, he would only be in two or three episodes per season.

If he's not on the show, they can explain it by assuming that the World Security Council fired him (at least temporarily) for his insubordination in the Avengers movie. There have been several SHIELD directors in the comics.

But I would prefer to see SLJ make occasional guest appearances on the show, along with Cobie Smulders.

As for the Giles thing, I'm actually happy that they're going to leave him as a 12-year-old. As long as they don't turn it into Dexter's Lab or constantly have him checking out girls' boobs.
Xane: If the current S.H.I.E.L.D. mythology includes LMDs like the original in the 60s, that would be easy. Could make the movie COulson a robot.
"I think that apollo11 is asking what would stop a Level 7 agent like Phil from deciding to get Cap to sign his fan cards (that he bought on EBay, after his vintage set disappeared from his locker...). There would have to be a plausible reason, or a direct order without a reason given."

This is where I was trying to point that question. In essence, there is no plausible way out of that problem that I can come up with. If he is unaware that he died, he has to have been given some kind of reason that him still being alive is now classified information... which would kind of naturally lead to him wondering or wanting to know why that was the case.

He doesn't know what happened. So how can they make him aware that he can never contact or see any of them again legitimately enough that he won't question it? There's no reason or way it works. He doesn't know he was dead, yet they believe he still is. But, he has to have a reason to keep that secret, without knowing why it is a secret, or that it is even a secret...

"Agent Coulson. You were shot/whatever and were sent away to recover. But nobody can know that, or that you're even alive."
"...Well, see... er, hang on a moment. I have to... get... something... from my car..."
*sound of car screeching away*

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OneTeV, it's the same thing. If SHIELD wants something secret, I can't imagine Coulson is going to ignore that. From what I've seen of him, he'll be the one to make sure that nobody *else* leaks SHIELD secrets. If the world is ending and they desperately need Cap (which is something that would happen in the movies, not the TV show), then Coulson could just have someone else make the call to Cap.
But for that to be the case, he needs to know he can't contact them. Which needs a reasonable explanation.
And being expected to do so would make anyone suspicious as to circumstances why.

If he doesn't know his being alive is a secret, he can't protect it. Presumably he must know he has to keep that secret. And then the story he was given had to have a logical reason why.

And so the loop continues.
Perhaps there should be a spoiler alert for the recent Season 9 stuff?

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Okay, I didn't realize you were talking about stuff from the pilot.

Which I haven't seen yet.

Would people please avoid giving away spoilers without a spoiler alert?

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