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July 22 2013

Video: Tom Hiddleston as Loki at Comic-Con. Tom Hiddleston in Loki garb (minus the hat) addresses Hall H and uses one of his more memorable lines (or at least two of his more memorable words) from "Avengers."

I kind of wish he had worn the helmet and had his staff, but I think getting into the costume and wearing the wig was enough effort. It was especially great when he started pointing and yelling at people to kneel.
I wish they had recorded all of it. I saw a fan video which missed the beginning but went longer. This was great.
I could listen to Tom Hiddleston say "burdened with glorious purpose" all day long.
A shaky-cam but longer version of this (I am guessing it's the intro to "Thor: The Dark World") can be found here
Ahh, Hiddles, what a rock star! Great stuff.
And he kept smiling.
Hard to tell how much of that was "Loki" being sinister, and how much was Tom having a blast.
"Swear loyalty to me and I'll give you what you need." Ok!

"It seems I have an army." Yep.

This man is beyond awesome. Joss really must find more work for him.
There are several fan filmed versions out there. This is great. Someone at Marvel is a genius.
It's a pretty much Marvel saying to the other panels "Top that".

And Tom is having so much fun doing this that it might be illegal.

@ShadowQuest I really hope Joss does, perhaps when Avengers2 is over and he has a new Shakespeare project in mind he'll think about Tom.
I just about turned inside-out when this appeared on my dash. Just goes to show that Loki's army is still out there, dormant for the time being, but out there no less. ;)

Goddess Bless darling Hiddles for agreeing to this. On his NerdHQ panel he said his only concern was self-parody, but I think he turned it out magnificently. I had chills. LOVE!
Amazing! What a treat to the crowd and fans everywhere

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