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July 22 2013

27 Mind Blowing Statistics About Fictional Universes. A couple of our favourites make appearances.

Edit: link was wrong Fixed now.

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The link be broken.
Got the URL wrong...
Was anyone able to read the James Bond one?

I am a little disappointed that they didn't have the Kindergarden Cop-Silent Hill one, that's one of my favorites.
And one of the favorites was the blazingly faulty one.

The energy used by ironman suit in a given time-unit (1.5 minutes) is measured in kilowatt-hours, which is a totally different unit from the energy output of powerplants, measured in kilowatts.

That's about as sensible as comparing distance and speed. Sure, they both share properties. But the posts example is as silly as saying, that ironman can fly in 1.5 minutes as far as the speed of 20 boeing 747:s combined.
That James Bond one is tiny. I really want to know what it said.
if you click on the "article view", it'll bring you to a page where the pics would be bigger and easier to read
The site doesn't allow to click thru all of 'em before it makes my browser go wonky and either bounces me back to #27 or exits the site.

the James Bond one becomes more plausible if you take into consideration the idea expressed in both the David Niven and Daniel Craig versions of Casino Royale, that "James Bond" is a fictional working name given to various agents through the decades.

And the entire St Elsewhere business is overrated. It was said when Cheers was launched it occurred in the same universe, but the so-called character chains assume that a character can only exist in a single 'verse, which is pretty much the opposite of the whole idea.

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