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July 23 2013

Alan Tudyk and the Tiniest Kaylee Cosplayer. An adorable picture from Supanova Sydney.

Oh that is the cutest thing ever! Alan had mentioned at NerdHQ that he had a great time in Australia (I wish I could go to a convention there some day).
I wonder if the little girl was named for Kaylee and Inara?

Adorable picture - now we know what our favorite engineer looked like as a toddler!
ShadowQuest : "I wonder if the little girl was named for Kaylee and Inara?" Before I posted something pseudo-clever* I Googled and both McCaffreys Dragonriders of Pern series and Elizabeth Moon's Vatta's War series have characters named Kylara.

(* such as "One wonders, doesn't one?")

"our favorite engineer " Good point. (Back when we had that contest to write post-apocalyptic fics, I'd just finally watched Firefly and wanted desperately to bring Kaylee into the community as a gearhead but couldn't figure out how to pull it off, so I settled for changing Bennett Halvorson to an agricultural geneticist and making her Kennedy's girlfriend.

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Oh the cuteness!

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