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July 23 2013

Video from Joss's various panels at SDCC is now online. The main link goes to the big purple Q&A at the Dark Horse panel. There's also the Marvel Studios panel and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D panel, and don't forget his Nerd HQ appearance.

I had read a partial synopsis of this Q&A but I think they had missed all the best moments... plus it is always better to get to see Joss speaking (instead of just reading him) because his delivery is always hilarious. I'm so glad this was recorded!
Credit due to Dark Horse for giving him a panel to do whatever he wants for multiple years running now. It's smart of them but it's also very generous. They started it before Avengers blew up in pop culture.
What year was the first Dark Horse panel? '08? I went to the one in '09 (my one and only SDCC so far--and based on things I've been reading this year, maybe my last until things start to simmer down there) and it was indeed wonderful. Great of them to just let him talk whatever. He's clearly got a great relationship with 'em.
Well sumogrip, in 2007 I went to my one and only SDCC and Joss did a Dark Horse sponsored panel where he had no movies or TV shows (or online content) to promote. He was promoting Sugar Shock (in a hand drawn t-shirt) and he listed a whole bunch of things he was currently working on. So it was a pretty eclectic discussion. And I was thrilled to be there!
That was the first one, yeah. 2007 would've been the first SDCC after the Buffy comics started that spring.

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