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July 24 2013

Joss Whedon: "Every kid who hated grownups became a grownup". Another Comic-Con interview with Joss, this time with io9.

Debatable for some of us . . . .
Depends on your definition of grownup.
OMG, Joss Whedon meets Dave Thomas! BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER meets SCTV! Worlds collide! Now, imagine this. If SCTV had still been around to parody BUFFY, who would've played who? Catherine O'Hara as Buffy (and Cordelia)? Andrea Martin as Willow? Martin Short as Xander? Eugene Levy as Angel? Joe Flaherty as Giles? John Candy as Jonathan? Dave Thomas as Spike? (Thomas did do the best cockney accents of the SCTV gang.) Maybe the Juul Haalmeyer Dancers could perform at the Bronz? People want to know!

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