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July 24 2013

Joss talks Buffy Season 9, Angel & Faith, Fray and Avengers with Nerdist. It's a add on to the podcast.

Interesting interview. Glad someone asked him about Buffyverse blu-rays- nice to hear him address the possibility.
Arr, I was hoping he would know something about a Blu-Ray release for Buffy.
I don't know why we still haven't heard about it. They're doing it for Star Trek, and they just announced they were working on The X-Files. I'm sure Fox would make a lot of money with Buffy.
Early Buffy didn't exactly look good on DVD, is there any way for them to somehow remedy that on blu-ray without astounding costs?

As for the Wonder Woman thing, I did half wonder that in the back of my head since it's not like they have much by way of a cohesive universe as is, that it'd be hard for them to shove the characters together.
Non-VFX shots of Buffy ought to be doable on BluRay for sure. 16mm isn't as beautiful as 35mm, but it has plenty of info for an HD transfer.

But those VFX shots, yeah... those probably won't hold up too well. And Buffy is big, but not Star Trek big, so I can't imagine a studio fronting the cash to remaster. I also don't know what shape the original Buffy negatives are in, since the show was edited on video (I believe). Could be that they've been neglected and would look horrible today.
I think the perceived wisdom is the Blu-rays wouldn't sell enough.
We should start a Kickstarter campaign to pay for the cost of upgrading Buffy to BluRay. We'd have to do Angel too. If backers paid for it, I'm sure Fox would give it the go-ahead.

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