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July 24 2013

"Thorsday" - A Rebecca Black Friday Parody. In celebration of the upcoming release of "Thor: The Dark World", Gemeni (Lisa and Gina Gomez) parody Rebecca Black's "Friday" to chronicle a Thursday in the life of a Thor and Loki fangirl. Mentions of Firefly, Joss Whedon, the Avengers Shawarma scene plus references to Buffy and the Buffy actors.

Featuring lyrics like "7:45, we're postin' on the forums, geekin' out so much, talkin' about Firefly, Joss, Joss, think about Joss, you know who that is."

They also have a cover of "Sigh No More" from Joss Whedon's "Much Ado About Nothing" on their YouTube channel. Also available for download on iTunes is "A Stake in My Heart", a song inspired by Buffy.

As one YouTube commenter mentioned, even cosplay Batman was getting into the song.
That...was incredibly annoying. Even though I read the lyrics I couldn't understand what they were saying.

And I totally missed the references to Buffy & the actors - all I saw were DVDs and collectibles in the beginning.

Not my cuppa. Not saying other people don't like it, just not the style of music I care for. (I am not at all familiar with the song it's based on.)
ShadowQuest: Did you happen to take a hiatus from the internet roughly a year ago? If so it's probably for the best that you somehow avoided seeing or hearing about Rebecca Black's "Friday".

Anyway, the original song became an internet sensation for having such astoundingly awful and insipid lyrics. As a result, internet parodies of the song spoofing it's stupidity have become popular.

So basically you're supposed to find it annoying and the musical style is supposed to be terrible. That's pretty much the idea. Just to give you the heads up.

I thought it was fairly amusing and well put together, but not the funniest Rebecca Black parody I've seen.

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