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July 24 2013

Happy Birthday Summer Glau! Our favorite ballerina, one-armed scientist and Reaver killer is 32 today.

Have a wonderful birthday! I look forward to seeing you on Arrow.
Happy birthday, Summer!
Here's to endless Summer!
I still can't believe she's older than me.
You're not alone there, Minor Annoyance, since she's 2 weeks short of being 2 years my senior....


She's starting to equalize a bit more between what the states of Texas and California say her age is and how old she looks but I know quite a few people who would kill to look as youthful as Summer does at 32. Then again, roles like Bennett on Dollhouse and Skylar on Alphas and Isabel Rochev on Arrow fit her actual age better compared to being 27 and playing a decade younger for the role of Cameron in The Sarah Connor Chronicles or 21 & 24 playing 16-17 for River in Firefly and Serenity respectively.
Age is just a number, how you act in life is what makes a person young or old.

That beeing said, happy birthday Summer :D
Happy Birthday Summer!
Well (oh, good, my favorite sport!) Bennett had both arms, she just couldn't use one.

Happy Birthday Summer! If I met you, I'd probably be as stupid as Simon pretended to be on that BBT ep.

Can never help but wonder- yes, the Dollverse/Echoverse/whatever-we-call-it-for-short is non-supernatural, and in the Buffyverse human-machine interaction tech is no more advanced than in ours, and the Marvelverse is a thing-in-itself, but still, do any of the people themselves exist, presumably as ordinary citizens rather than adventurers, but where are they and what do they do? (Okay, sure, Aud, Liam, Drusilla, William etc. are presumably long dead in most albeit not all non-supernatural 'verses but it stll leaves lots of others.

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