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July 25 2013

Distributor picks up Knights of Badassdom, but which version? The longish-lost film featuring Summer Glau has been picked up in North America by eOne, but unanswered is which version we will be seeing, as earlier this year it was revealed that the film was taken away from the director.

Sure would be nice if they'd hand it back to its creator so we don't see Alan Smithee on the marquee, but I'm guessing it's out of his hands at this point. One does wonder at the quality of the final product in any case; fun cast but the central idea certainly has the potential to be pulled off poorly.
I am kinda surprised that eOne is willing to deal with a product with a questionable status, since the production company pulled some shady fei hua after Joe Lynch finished filming and stated editing but they must have seen a "final" product and have agreed to release it as it stands to make an announcement like this.
Sounds good. They had assembled an amazing cast for this one... it would have been a shame if it never had seen the light of day.

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