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July 25 2013

Gamechangers: transforming genre conventions into storytelling possibilities. The Cabin in the Woods gets featured in this Overthinking It article that profiles stories that revitalise modes of narrative.

Very cool article, its bit about the differences between Cabin and Scream (deconstruction vs revolution) are precisely right. I couldn't quite figure out which Buffy episode it meant with that small shout-out about diegetic-transitions though. Normal Again?
Or as I once described Cabin..., remythologizing something that had never been fully demythologized in the first place.

Jack chalker did somethign similar in his Dancing Gods series, taking fantasy clcihes, both epic fantasy like Tolkien and s&s like howard, took the fact of later writers always using identical structures with idnetical devices, and turned thta into "the Rules" under which the books developed.

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Dude Meister, I think the episode being referred to may have been Restless.
I assumed it was "Normal Again," given how the characters in the other world (real world?) point out the bad writing of bringing Dawn in from nowhere. As for Cabin, all I can say is that I really need to see it again. And again...

To answer the question posed by the article, however, I assume that most horror movies from here on out will simply ignore Cabin, though a few may wink at it.
I thought the Buffy episode probably was Life Serial as, if I remember correctly, Buffy experiences some (somewhat abrupt) scene cuts as rather abrupt Groundhog Day style transmissions back into time. Anyway, great article.

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