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July 26 2013

Joss Whedon interview at Comic Book Resources. Talks Buffy season 9, hints at season 10 and how he would bring in Spider-Man and Wolverine to The Avengers if he could.

The fact that the creatives (Joss, Jackman) are actually talking about this out loud is a good first step - I don't remember that happening much before. Perhaps the studios will start talking to each other now.
Hugh Jackman's Wolvie in a Joss Whedon movie would kind of beat movies forever for me. I MUST HAVE IT!
And if he hummed a little song penned by Joss while he was doing super hero stuff my scifi/fantasy cookies would be fully baked.
I wouldn't bet on those studios ever allowing a Wolvie-Spidey-Avengery crossover, but do those same studios also own the character rights for the stage? Could they make hann23 and my dreams come true with a Joss-penned Avengers Broadway musical? I would implode with joy.
I am glad to hear Joss speak about Season 9 (and 10). He's only written one issue of Season 9, so his role seems minimal this season compared to Season 8. But from the sound of it, he is still actively involved in the comics in a "showrunner" capacity. His behind-the-scenes involvement is apparently much more active than what a reader may perceive. The two Buffy books are constantly the best comics I'm reading each and every month, even surpassing those of the Big 2. Looking forward to Seasons 10, 11, and beyond!

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