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July 26 2013

Tonight: Miss U Much on VH1 features Nicholas Brendon. The new VH1 series catches up with stars from the 90's.

Have you ever wondered what's up with some of your favorite TV, movie or pop stars from the last 20 years? VH1 will give you the exclusive details with "Miss U Much," hosted by actress-comedienne Catherine Reitman.

And there's a sneak peak over at VH1.

VH1 still exists?? Wow.

Damn, Nicky looks good!

I remember the first tattoo he had was just a cross, but then for some reason he had it changed into a shield wielded by a warrior. Didn't know he'd added the cherubs and...surfing Jesus? There's got to be a story behind that.
I don't miss him, I see him recurring on Criminal Minds all the time. He's just Xander with two eyes and glasses.

Oh, and mad "Willow" skills on the computer.
His new movie (Big Gay Love) just had a sold out festival screening.

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