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July 26 2013

(SPOILER) Preview pages for Angel & Faith # 24. It's the fourth part of 'What You Want, Not What You Need'.

This has very much whetted my appetite for the actual thing. It's the best comic book out there at the moment, followed closely by Azzarello's "Wonder Woman".
Interesting. I was enjoying Wonder Woman until it hit year two and then I started getting bored and dropped it.
I followed Wonder Wonder since the first issue but dropped off a few months ago. It was just boring, one of the worst New 52 books. Not even remotely as good as Angel & Faith has been. The best New 52 books in my opinion have been Snyder's Batman and his run on Swamp Thing.

I'm not sure who is getting the tougher fight in those pages, Faith or Angel. 2 vs 1 for Faith, I wonder how she'll beat the odds
I would kill Faith and Dawn, the annoying characters. I would make Xander a vampire and get him together with Dracula, hehe..

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