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July 27 2013

The Science Channel's "Joss Weekend". This weekend the Science Channel will be airing marathons of Dollhouse and Firefly along with the Browncoats Unite special.

Oh thanks for the head's up, I never check the Science Channel and I should (of course I own the DVDs, but I love getting to see these beloved shows aired on TV).
Don't have the Science Channel but I flip to SyFy to see if they're doing anything cool and there's (OB)Kristy Swanson in some swampy shark flick.

Kinda Whedony?
Willowy, kinda' given up on SyFy, pretty much a lost cause. However, feeding Kristy to a great white may cause me to tune in. I'm so evil, bad me!

Back to subject, I wasn't aware of this marathon, just something to watch, "Firefly" live. And "Dollhouse" on top, now I'm feeling spoiled! Very Whedony. Oh, except the shark eating Swanson, that's a side note.
Madhatter I would make a bad pun about a Swanson Dinner but a) I'm pretty sure that is a North America brand of TV dinner so many folks wouldn't get it and b) it would be wrong.
Hahahah @JDL, best comment of the weekend, I'm sure. Even had my husband groaning...Swanson Dinner....
I also love that Science Channel airs 'Firefly' in the correct order!
I haven't rewatched Firefly in a while. This show was sooo good. Watching War Stories and Zoe is just an on point bad ass when she interrupts Niska to pick Wash over Mal.
Sigh, that was so not the point. See, there's a shark and...never mind.

Anyhoo, "Out of Gas" is still my favorite followed closely by "Objects in Space". I wish I knew what was ringing around in Joss' brainpan when they came about.
Bah! I was gone for the weekend and missed almost all of this - just got home in time to watch "Trash", the last episode they showed.

Madhatter - If you want to get inside Joss' head, listen to his commentary on "Objects in Space" - probably his most introspective commentary ever.
Madhatter, I agree--I've given up on SyFy too.
Cheers to the Science Channel for airing 'Firefly' and honoring our lord and master Joss.
I'm way late to the thread but did found the airings by accident and even tho I own the DVDs you know I hadn't ever watched Dollhouse all the way through. I must say, I liked season one even better going back to back to back...

It seems like there was so much fuss when it aired about the "sex" assignments for the dolls so on a full rewatch of S1 it really came clear to me how much of that is inferred and how few of Echo's assignments seemed to actually be about sex.

Imagine if done today on cable; they would insist on much more expliciit sex, like Game of Thrones or Spartacus!

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