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July 27 2013

A Comic-Con Diary from NPR. Joss's Dark Horse panel is mentioned in this wrap-up post form NPR, particularly the rarity of the human connection it offered.

Seriously? There was no line, and empty seats, available for a Joss Whedon panel? When I think that in 2007 I had to sit through more than 5 hours of mostly boring panels to get to see Joss' Dark Horse panel, I am shocked!

But I shouldn't whine, I did get to see him online for free without the expenses involved in going to Comic Con (I really wish I could go to SDCC! *sob*).
Glad I wasn't hanging out with the author. His con sounds miserable. My SDCC was full of wonder and delight as usual. Great panels (though not all I wanted to attend) and so many wonderful people that start as strangers in line and become comrades. Yes it is too crowded. Once you resign yourself to that and let go of judgement (as much as possible) it is almost impossible to not have a wonderful time.
I can't believe you could walk into the Joss panel either! It must have really cleared out after S.H.I.E.L.D. Also, I guess because the Joss panel is a yearly thing, it's not as high-demand as it used to be?
Well, the room basically emptied after SHIELD for the next few panels, but it filled back up for Joss, as far as I could tell. I think a lot of people left after SHIELD, anticipating (correctly, lucky for them) that there wasn't much interest in the other panels, and then came back.
In between the AoS panel and Darkhorse was The Following which has a very different aud than AOS and Bones and the the Almost Human panel. AH is a good pilot but no one has heard of it yet. And of course no one would expect to be able to get back into BR20 at that point of the day. I'm not at all surprised there were empty seats. We & everyone else I knew there left immediately after AoS.
I've been enjoying Glen's Comic-Con diary. It was his first time attending and it was an interesting read from that perspective. I've been listening to Pop Culture Happy Hour for a little while now and was happy to learn someone from it was going. They always have interesting commentary on geeky things.
I have a bit of a nerd crush on Glen. Listening to him on PCHH, he's wonderfully acerbic and sardonic and horribly aware of his own affectionate misanthropy.

I feel like he gets me. :)

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